Reply To: Hi folks!

Tatu Salmela

This is actally the button harmonica. It’s 210 x 78 x 35 mm sized prototype of a new instrument. The reeds (hohner) are on a single CNC-milled reedplate. It makes it small as a melodica. The valves are still borel-type accordina valves, made of surgical silicone. The accordina we made is in good use with Harri on constant tour with Hurma, a finnish schlager-humppa-band. The accordina was also a prototype and my first attempt to make a keyed mouthblown instrument, when we made it I had experience mostly in customizing harmonicas. I had experience in designing reedplates, so we decided to try to make an accordina with harmonica reeds. If only I had known that they still make accordina reeds in Italy.

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