Reply To: @Melodica-Me. Eolina vs Vibrandoneon sound


Hi Jerry, You are correct, I do prefer the sound of the Vibrandoneon when played with both registers open. But when I play the Vibrandoneon in the lower register I do like the sound of the Eolina quite a bit. I do like the bigger keyboard as well, many feel it’s a little to big but heck, man up I say lol. NOTE: The Eolina does take a lot more air to play especially if you want to play chords than the Vibrandoneon but I have become quite good at blowing and inhaling and it is hard to hear where I do so, This is a big plus for performaning long slow melodies. They are built better than the Vibrandoneon, they have brass inserts to screw too, and the reed blocks come out like accordion do. The keys are more like accordion as well, larger than the Vibrandoneon. I do not know off hand what they are going for now, since they went back into production, but I want to say the new ones are going for over 3k euros. I do not like the gig bag that comes with it for the simple reason of no real protection for a wooden instrument. I do have an ATA case that I can fit the Eolina including the gig bag. The strap for the Eolina is nice and padded as is the handle, easy to hold and play more so than the Vibrandoneon. Please let me know if you purchase it.
Thank you

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