Reply To: Yamaha Pianica P37D reed plates (UK)

Philippa Collings

Hi Darren, thanks, it sounds as though I’ve just been unlucky then, if a failed reed is one that has no ping in it then that’s what it is!
I’ve just bought a hohner 37 airboard for £60 that arrived in two days! So at least I have something to play though it feels a bit clunky after the pianica. Having said that it’s a lot easier to play really quietly. I prefer the pianica though so definitely want to get it sorted.
I’m going to phone Yamaha tomorrow as I’ve only had my pianica for 6 months so it might come under the warranty? Thanks to you and Alan, I might actually sound as if I know what I’m talking about!
The £48 quote I had for the top reed plate was actually from Sontec – they charge £33 to deliver to Ireland! So if I end up having to buy one I’ll have it delivered to Northern Ireland, 10 miles up the road and only(!) £14 delivery. Obviously it makes sense to order more than one reed plate at a time. Anyone in this group fancy setting up a spare parts business?!!

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