Reply To: Yamaha Pianica P37D reed plates (UK)

Philippa Collings

Hi all
The top A on my Yamaha pianica went really flat, more than a semitone, over a two week period. When I opened it up the reed looked as though it had bent, so I tried to flatten it again. I mustn’t have done it right as it now doesn’t play at all… I’ve had a quote for a new top section reed plate for £48.00, and apparently the Yamaha site says out of stock, so no idea when it might arrive. I’ve used it as an excuse to order another melodica and am going to try the hohner airboard for a contrast, but does anyone know where I could source a new reed plate more quickly and preferably cheaper than 48 quid? Or any tips on how to bring the reed back to playing again? I wondered about trying to iron it?!! Any of you experienced people out there got any ideas about what I could do? I’d be very grateful.
Six months in to learning now and thoroughly enjoying the experience. Recently found out there’s a whole load of reggae music featuring melodica but expect you know about that.

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