Reply To: Yamaha P37D vs P32D

Alan Brinton

Suzuki has a 34 key model, of course, the A-34C, but I think Yamaha is a good choice. The melodica I play the most is the P-32D, so I’m an enthusiast for that model. I like its compactness and especially the ease with which it can be held (and balanced) in the left hand, as I don’t like using the handstrap, without which there’s greater flexibility in ways of holding the instrument. The P-32D is also somewhat easier to play for other reasons, and easier to learn on (even for a pianist).

Have you considered buying directly from Japan, Marc? Is there a problem with purchasing or having delivery from Japan to your location? I have bought a lot of melodicas from Japan. In the U.S. the cost of shipping a P-32D or P-37D from Japan is about $35-40, but the prices (from the right vendors in Japan) are offset by that. There are also lots of good-condition used P-32Ds solod at very low prices in Japanese online auctions.

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