Reply To: Suzuki MIDI Melodion


Hello Shannon, I only use it with my hammond 44 and yes I have used it live. My pedal board is a work in progress so I am constantly changing and adding new pedals. The one issue with pedals is that you need to remember setting if you have several specific sounds. Right now the pedal I have become very fond us is my Roger Mayer’s RM-58 Compressor limiter pedal, which has tighten up my sound quite nicely. Though a bit expensive I have tried many and found this pedal to work best with “my” melodica sound. That said, the sound you are looking for may not require an expensive pedal. Back to the B9, when used with a microphone/pick up the B9 picks up many unwanted sounds and fluctuates between octaves so direct input is best. The B9 is primaraliy used with guitar. Guitar pick ups are a lot better for this than the Hammond, but it works well. I have used the B9 pedal with my kurzweil and works fine especially if you go full wet and keep the original Kurzweil organ sound off. It works fantastic with the Hohner Electra Melodica. When I am done with a few huge projects I am currently working on, as mentioned I plan getting a sampler and the B3 sound is one I would like to hear for the Suzuki Midi melodion. If at all I may go to the Hammond Draw bar Midi expansion module that will give me the B3 Sound with no issues. So much gear so little time.

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