Reply To: Suzuki MIDI Melodion


Hello Shannon, the B9 pedal is by electro harmonics and it has several organ sounds.

I use it combined with the Leslie rotating speaker pedal

And my Hammond 44 Melodion. start with the B9 pedal as it has a modulation knob that simulates the tone wheel. And see if you like it. JHS has the sells the same pedal modified so you can use an expression pedal (nice feature) I bought mine a couple of years ago before this mod. You need to open all the volume on the Melodica to get a better attack on the pedal. The Leslie pedal sounds great with the B9 you can use it by it self but it sounds more like a lowery organ. I did this on the Monsters of Melodica recording “Mr PC” on the solo.

There is also a C9 pedal that is more Rock oriented if you like that organ sound.

There are several rotating speaker pedals on the market with a wide range of pricing. I liked the Leslie pedal de cause it has the adjustable speed start and slow down knob that makes it sound more realistic.

Hope this helps

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