Reply To: Suzuki MIDI Melodion


Hello Shannon, I have been looking for information on the Suzuki Midi Melodion and there is very little out there. I know that it was out for a while but did not catch on as expected by mainstream keyboardist. I will continue to look for more informations as I, like you would like to know more about it. I did read on a website that it was a monophonic keyboard, this is not correct! I was able to play chords with no problem. I also read that the Suzuki Midi Melodion had a dummy mouth piece and that it did not work. Again this is not true. There is a switch if you want to turn off the breath controller and use it as a keyboard if you want, but the mouth piece does work and vibrato can be created through the mouth. The Suzuki MM also has a sustain button and a vibrato button that work fine. I was able to connect it to my kurzweil PC 88 very easily. My Kurzweil has a great piano and organ sound but unfortunately all other sounds are kind of weak. I am looking for a sampler to sample and save Melodica, accordion and accordina sounds to play as an experiment. I am also planning on a good organ Midi module I can place on the pedal board. Suzuki Hammond makes one that I am considering for that classic B3 sound. The Suzuki can be connected to modular synthesizer with a Midi module for you synthesizer aficionados. My Kurzweil has an accordion, harmonica and bandoneon sounds built in that though weak in quality of tone, they gave me a good idea on how it would work. I am sure I will be able to use this as planned.


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