Reply To: How to record my Melodica


Here is an example of a recording done very low budget. I ran a Shure SM-57 directly into my Vox AC-10C1. No effects of any kind were applied. I stuck an old Zoom H2 Handy recorder right in front of the amp, one mic facing the amp and and the other mic facing the room to capture the reverb from the cathedral ceiling and hardwood floor in my living room. I think the melodica was a HM-26 or HM-32. Any reverb/delay that you hear is from the environment.

The recording is actually a study/practice session from last week and is about 15 minutes of me jamming around solo, trying to develop expressive techniques. So you may want to jump around the recording to hear different parts rather than listen to the whole thing. Oh, and one goal of the study was also to use the amplifier tubes and my voice (and coax natural distortion from the instrument) to achieve a distorted sound.

If you listen with headphones, you can hear that the recording is pretty detailed give the low budget setup. Far from professional, yet surprisingly useful for practice/study work.

When I get serious about recording, I use an SM-57 mic to a Presonus RC 500 preamp with compressor and EQ, place a LWBC Harp Delay in the preamp effects loop, and bring that into my 8-track hard disk recorder.

This recording is in .WAV file format and is big. It may take a minute or two to download and start playing.



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