Reply To: Slow Blues with Melodica Solo Showing Effect of Detuning


Forgive me. I posted the wrong mix. Here is a better mix. Less bass and the keyboard harmonica up in the mix more so you can hear it better. Same story.

This song (link below) presents a melodica solo played over a blues backing track. It shows several things: (1) the propensity of the Hohner HM-26/27/32 series of melodicas to drop several cents in tonality after the initial attack; (2) the ability to play the Hohner HM-26/27/32 series of melodicas flat when using a certain technique; (3) the effect of raising or (in this case) lowering the tuning of an instrument compared to the other instruments to achieve an effect. (In this case maybe a bit of a surreal, eerie effect. Can’t think of the word that I want right now.) Hopefully it is also a solo that is a bit intriguing and interesting to listen to.

This song also shows the use of chords within a solo. The solo was played on a Hohner HM-26. Lowboy

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