Reply To: Flexible Ergonomic Melodica Mouthpiece?


Hi Alan,
Thanks for the picture.
Yeah, I would hate to ruin a black hose. My search is for a solution to holding melodicas when playing them at the same time as other keyboards. I sometimes hold the Hammond44 vertically in front of me using a guitar strap, or a harness made for bassoonists. That’s so I can sit at the harpsichord/keyboard and play keyboard with my left hand while playing melodica with the right. I’m short, and the black tube loops up and hits me in the face!

I bought the Hammond gooseneck extension and it is good for playing the melodica on a flat surface. While I play the other keyboards, I don’t have to use my hands to find the tube and start playing melodica in the middle of a song. The problem with stiff mouthpieces/gooseneck and guitar strap combo is that when playing melodica and keyboard at the same time, the melodica moves around bit and I have to chase after the mouthpiece; looks a little funny and I can’t get a good seal.

I think I will investigate using SUGRU for connecting this doodad to fittings from pre existing tubes. (I have a a small infinity of Suzuki tubes and can spare one to cut apart) It’s a material that is moldable, remains flexible when cured, is heat and water proof, and is food safe. People use it to connect things together when the shapes don’t match.

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