Reply To: Leakage

Bruce Krieg

I want to thank all of you so much for your support! This is a fantastic community of people who care. I appreciate it so much. I was able to follow your advice, consolidate the advice that was the same or similar and re-attach the back plate. Currently the melodica is playing as it was except it seems like the seal is not as good as it was. There are no leaks, but I’ve only been playing for a few minutes. This melodica when I purchased it on Sunday should have stayed as I bought it. I shouldn’t have investigated. Based on what you have said, it must have been in impeccable shape. I can accept the loss of air I’ve experienced since I re-attached the back plate. I’ll post again after I play more. Again, I appreciate your advice and concern. Bruce I don’t know how to attach a picture of what I found bouncing around and rattling inside but they were small, white, plastic circles that look like tiny washers or spacers. One had a crack in it and the other three were split in half. After I moved them together I decided they were originally four pieces. If I figure out how to post a picture, I’ll do that. Thanks again!

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