Reply To: Flexible Ergonomic Melodica Mouthpiece?

Gary Gifford

Well, it looks like the experimentation has begun. Here’s a cut and paste of the email I just received from the original person who ordered the mouthpiece:

Tomorrow my hubby will take the pictures and will e-mail you. I will give you my little synopsis of what I figured out.

–The flexible tube that comes with the melodicas, melodions or pianicas (as they are called) can be inserted into your flexible mouthpiece and into the instrument (at the other end) at the same time.

–But first you must clip off approximately 2 1/2″ from both (opposite) ends of the melodica flex tube, resulting in 2 small, 2 1/2″ pieces.
–Then put the 2 pieces together by inserting one into the other (the narrower end of one into the wider end of the other.
–You are now ready to connect this piece with the melodica and your tube. Since the ends are wider on the melodica tube, I find that it will fit snugly into your tube leaving no air space. Make sure that the other wide end slide into your tube for a tight fit. The length of it should be sufficient to hold the tube firmly in place.
— If the cut pieces are too wide for both the melodica opening and your tube opening, you can always customize by clipping away from both ends whatever it takes to get the fit right.
— It’s that simple!
— you may choose to cut 2 1/2″ – 3″, depending on how much leverage you need, but no more or it will tend to dangle.
— Hope you can expand your base by appealing to the melodica enthusiasts.
** God Bless & Best Wishes! *** Joan

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