Reply To: Yamaha P37D vs Suzuki M37


Carter, you will find with time that even between the same brand of Melodica’s, Melodions, or even Pianicas the sound will vary. I own a lot of melodicas and see this in all of them. You need to go with your instinct and choose one you feel best fits your current taste. Once you get used to it and understand what sound it can produce the chances are you will buy a different Melodica to achieve that sound. I have stated this in other post, one Melodica will not fit all your needs. Also what you hear on You tube may not be what you hear when you actually get it and play it. They are recorded with different microphone and like melodicas they produce a different sound especially if it is a low grade microphone. I do not own a Yamaha but I understand what Alan is saying about edgier sound on the Suzukies, they do have a brighter and sharper sound than that of other melodicas.

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