Reply To: What role does the melodica take in your group?



I played with my trio yesterday at a winery in the afternoon and thought I would clarify my statement of the “melodica being too much in a trio setting for two or three sets of music.”

I guess you could say that about any instrument.

Is a solo guitarist too much to listen too for two or three sets of music? How about the same singer fronting a small band all night? Can you listen to Vivaldi for three hours– I can 🙂 –without feeling like you might want a change of pace?

I think in the case of the melodica, it is important not to overplay in a trio setting. It is often said that what you don’t play is just as important as what you do play. Getting a really nice sound also helps. Whether your preferred sound is round and smooth or trebly or brash, use EQ to make it sound appealing and fit the soundscape and room acoustics. And finally, you must play well, offering tasty deep background, solos, and counterpoint to the music.

If you do the above, you have the best chances of not burning the audience out on the melodica sound.

The role I play in many songs in my trio is responding to the singer and providing fills between her singing. Basically I am the “response” in the call and response style that we have. Often, I will wait one or two verses before I even start playing. I almost always try to play lower in the mix than the guitarist except when soloing.


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