Reply To: Flexible Ergonomic Melodica Mouthpiece?

Gary Gifford

Hi Lowboy

Great questions. The diameter is 1/2″ ID by 5/8″ OD. The the body of the mouthpiece is FDA approved food grade vinyl tubing. The metal insert is plated with a non-toxic metal similar to stainless steel. As the tubing is flexible vinyl, it can be stretched over an object (mouthpiece attachment) that is bigger and alternately it can be secured to something smaller using a tiny pipe clamp, zip tie or even electrical tape. Heating the vinyl in very hot water softens the vinyl allowing it to be stretched over something even larger than would be possible without heat. Bagpipe mouthpieces are tapered and the flexible mouthpiece holds on to these in the same way that a “Chinese finger trap” works. Anyone with a bit of creativity should be able to make this work. Hope this helps.


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