Reply To: Reed wear and bending



But here is the great thing about damaged reeds: you can actually use them to your advantage in some instances.

Let’s say you are playing a song where bent notes are desirable. The blues comes to mind of course.

If you are playing in the key of E, and the low E and F reeds (and maybe others) are damaged so they bend easily and deeply, man can you have fun. Plus, everyone thinks you are performing miracles when what you really have is a damaged keyboard harmonica. (Hey, did I just let one of my secrets out of the bag?)

The truth is, I have not systematically started to do this, and most of my bending is authentic because how can you play the rest of the song in tune if three notes are out of tune at normal playing volume? But I am going to explore the possibility of damaging certain reeds on certain instruments to use for soloing in the blues.



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