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HI Melodica-Me,
Thanks for your offer of assistance about pedals I love the melodica sound with and without effects/ amplification. I love the dynamic range, and being able to get louder and softer while playing chords. I AM a harpsichord/Baroque player, and I agree about Mozart etc. pianos were being invented when he was a kid, and he went straight to the new technology, so yeah, he would have gone for the echoplex!
I have been experimenting with pedals with my hyper and hammond 44. Am having a great time with it, and as i expected, it is changing the kind of music I am writing. I got the Digitech ElementXP guitar effects pedal and, while fully 75% of the preset effects don’t “read” – (don’t affect the tone too much) – the ones that do work have so many ways i can edit them that it gives me a good idea of what kind of effects I like.
I have been trying the Myers pickups for my smaller melodicas, but have not had the same outcome as you. I get feedback feed back feedback. I am new to sound amplification, and have worked with three different music store guys and we haven’t had much luck.
Keyboard, guitar and bass amps/monitors have been tried, Para acousitc DI, some other DIs, no improvement. The only thing that will let me hear any effects without feedback (but volume isn’t turned up much) is a wee little desktop Kawai KM15 keyboard monitor I bought in the 80s.
Got any ideas on what i should try next? Should I drill a hole into the pianicas and stick the gooseneck inside?

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