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Steve, the actual air that is released from the holes on the last 5 lower keys of the Clavietta is released through the reed then through the reed channel it self.
path is as follow:
1) air to chamber, 2) air though reed 3) air though release through the (5) holes. 4) air released through the underside of the last (5) keys
The air back pressure is not great enough to sound the reed
until the washer is lifted and more air can pushed though the reed. These holes also serve another purpose, they give the Clavietta its distinct sound of Loud with quick soft release. I threaded some set screws in the holes and only have the last two holes open, it saved a little air and has a little quicker response in the base notes (Nothing dramatic).

Note: In the Clavietta 25 these holes do not exist.

I hope this helps

Monsters of Melodica” alt=”Clavietta release holes” />

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