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Hi Guys

My name is Steve. I live in the Nashville area.

I am really thankful for the resource here.

I have been restoring a Clavietta. I settled on making a one piece rubber gasket from 1/32 thick rubber/fiber sheet from the automotive store.

I had a heck of a time getting the pan back on the air chamber. It was tweaked a little bit and had to be squeezed a little to get fully in.

I put a light coating of type 2 gasket sealant under the gasket.

The washers I found locally were neoprene(rubber) 1/16 thick 1/2 x 3/16 hole. They work fine.

I am still losong air. In another thread, Oscar said that air was released through the 5 holes in the frame piece. What I can’t figure out is how it gets from the air chamber without a key being pressed.

How do it do that? It loos like air goes in between the 2 parts of the pan and should either stay in the air chamber or make a sweak getting out.

I would be greatful if someone could descibe the path of air other than past the washers.


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