Reply To: Melodica Clips Live


Thanks Quetscher.

You know, as I listen to the recording now, I would say that–contrary to what I said in my original post–I think this sound is not nearly as good as I first thought. It seems pretty thin. I am back to using the LWBC delay pedal to round off the top end and give the sound more body.

Let me tell you, one of the biggest challenges I have with the keyboard harmonica is getting a good tone consistently. It is crazy. Just when I think I have the tone nailed, it seems to slip away the next day or the next week or in the next venue even when I use the documented settings. In addition–as you have heard me lament many times–one week I think a clean sound is the way to go. The next week, a warm tube-amp sound seems to work best. The next week, compression, EQ, and delay seem like a must. Then the next night plugging the mic straight into a clean amp sounds great. It is really quite baffling to me.

Plus, it is hard to hear the amplified sound clearly without also hearing the acoustic sound from the instrument, which is right in front of your face.

There are so many variables to understand and keep in line.

At the same time I am wondering if the biggest variable of all is the influence of psychoacoustics. I think my frame of mind and mood play a significant roll in how I feel about my tone.



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