Reply To: Yamaha Pianica 36, P-36

Alan Brinton

I’d be shocked if it had single reeds, since I have not found them on any Japanese keyboard harmonica. The likeliest candidates would be those whose design seems derivative from the Clavietta, for example the Suzuki S-25 and the Tokai Gakki PC-1 (which has a laminated wooden sound board). But neither of these or any of the many other Yamahas or Suzukis I’ve examined has individually mounted reeds. The very first Suzuki Super 34 is another possibility, but I don’t have one of those.

Possibly there’s a way I haven’t figured out to get at the reeds of the Pianica 36, or I might just decide to break the seal on the older one and take my chances. I’m not convinced that single reeds are a difference maker, though they sure are cool!

I acquired a Tokai Gakki PC-1 recently and just took it apart to check the reeds. I’m takingphotos that I’ll post soon. The reed plates are mounted directly on the laminated wood soundboard.

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