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Alan Brinton

Hi, Pam.

I bought a Piano 32 and several of the same series Piano 26 (all new) from the Hohner Shop in the U.S. while they were still selling them. One of the Piano 26 had “Made in the Czech Republic” on the cardboard box, which has puzzled me, since I have seen no mention of Hohner Melodicas being made there. It is identical to the ones that were made in Germany. So I’m guessing that the same would be true for the HM-32.

The HM-32 was in production for a long time, from around 1980 (?) until 2011. I have an old one (maybe 2 of them) as well as the new one. There does not appear to be a significant difference in design from the older to the newer ones, same with the HM-26. But the older ones are not as air tight. Whether they started out this way or not I have no idea. Another thing about these models: pricing is all over the map. I see some “new, old stock” for around $200, and some on eBay for under $50. The person on here who really knows these models and fully appreciates their distinctive character is Lowboy. If you have trouble finding one, try the Members’ Trade and Swap forum here.

And Happy Birthday! Does this mean you can buy a drink now?

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