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Hani, the only new Hohner Melodica I own is the Superforce, I did have an opportunity to try the Airboard at Guitar Center here in CA. The first thing I noticed was how bad the action was on the Airboard, very sluggish with a very slow response. I do not think that the Superforce and the Airboard are the same beast as the Superforce had a better and quicker response. Tone is better on the Superforce IMO. I alway make the point that you should not buy an expensive melodica until you play a melodica for a while. This will give you time to hear other melodicas that may appeal to you better. If it is your first melodica try the student 32 it’s less than the Airboard and move up to a Yamaha or Suzuki. Many here are happy to give their input on almost any melodica out there.
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