Reply To: Yamaha Pianica 32A

Alan Brinton

A few differences, Shannon, that could be regarded as advantages or disadvantages one way or the other: (1) Although the sound is quite similar, it is a bit softer on the Pianica 32A. (2) The Pianica 32A has a “rod” spit valve mechanism, as compared with the common button mechanism of the P-32D. The rod button is pushed from the mouthpiece end. This is a far superior kind of mechanism that allows air to be vented much more freely, but some won’t like the push button location. (3) The P-32D is typical of current 32 key melodicas, starting at F, while the Pianica 32A starts two keys higher at the G. (4) The distance each key depresses is shallower on the Pianica 32A than on the P-32D, so that it’s easier to play glissando on the Pianica 32A. (5) Some may be influenced as I am by the distinctiveness and aesthetic satisfactions of a recognizably vintage instrument, in this case including the metal tray and conservative two-tone color scheme. I love my P-32D and wouldn’t give it up for the Pianica 32A, but the 32A in good playing condition is a desirable vintage melodica.

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