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All this sounds great, the advantage of the reed plates being all the same size. Opens perspectives for standardisation of reed block sizes.
Harmonikas Louny also make concertina reeds and reed plates (I suppose also with spark erosion technology?) with top quality (?). See DIX concertina reeds on their web page.
This could be sweet music into the ears of amateur concertina makers.
I just miss a pdf list with all their product prices in Euro in one nice overview.

By the way, they also make other customized parts: bellows (number of falts can be chosen, sizes, edge reinforcements, …), reed Combs, … . Even non music precision parts in metals.
Suppose all of this with modern technology.
I have read some small scale accordion makers in Switserland and Germany are also using CNC and maybe spark erosion technology for precision work at customer’s demand.

All this could be a help for amateurs that can try to make their own invented free reed music instruments, when some parts are too difficult to make for an individuel DIY at home.

Let’s hope more CNC, 3D printing, etc workshops will be created, and also in the center or Western parts of Europe.

In Russia I hear they also experiment with trying to reduce thickness of the reedplates in accordions to save weight in mini accordions, but I have no technical information on this subject.

What I would like to see is mass produced metal parts for accordinas. Like for mouth harps, modal system parts that can be replaced in mouth harmonicas. Would like to see the same modular systems for melodicas and accordinas.
I hear of prototypes made in Finland of a 32 button accordina like instrument of 400 grams total weight (compared to my A Borel 44 buttons accordina of 1 kilogram)… very promising. Can’t wait to see this in a video. Has a Borel like metal “wind chamber” and metal sides. Reeds probably lying flat in horizontal position, just 21 cm long…

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