Reply To: Really Nice Blues/Roots Performance with a Meliodica


Hi Lowboy
Thanks for the explanation! Sure that the sound engineering makes the difference! Unfortunately my knowledge about sound engineering and mixing is extremely basic. Thanks to you I’m now more aware that sometimes just an apparent small detail, like placing the mic on the back of the melodica, and the distance between them, could make the difference. I have been listening and watching some of Addis Pablo, the son of Augustus, live acts and noticed that the mic is always pointing to the front of the melodica. His melodica never sounds so good, and although they are playing the same melodica (Addis plays a version of the airboard , the rasta melodica, the same instrument different colours.) the difference between one and another is audible. I’m sure that the festivals where he, Addis plays have also expensive mixing equipments, but it seems that the sound engineers may not be so good, or not so careful or experienced in mixing melodicas. The acoustic of the place where they preform also makes the difference. But in this case, I guess you are right Lowboy the melodica was processed and mixed with great care to make it sound good. Excellent!

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