Reply To: TOKAI IC PIANIX Vintage Electronic Pianica(


Andre, I had a email conversation with the seller about a month ago. I actually made an offer but retracted the offer. I was informed that the light in the pressure sensor Lit up and that the notes play without wind pressure, this tells you the sensor is no good or that the diaphragm is no longer working. This item would cost to modify approx. $400.00 USD from a shop that repaired my Hohner Electra. You still need to get the schematic
and see if there are any other issues. One other issue is that the unit is 100volts this means for me in the U.S. I need a converter. There are cheap ones but for recoding you need one with a stable transformer $75-100 so combined $399 for melodica, $400 for repairs, $100 for transformer and last but not the leader shipping. You can see how this cool looking melodica can be a money pit. Yea it is cool but the reason it did not sell was people did their homework. Cool absolutely, worth the price absolutely not. By the way the $400. Was for an estimated 3 hours of service, parts and schematic.

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