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Binyomin, I’m also interested in each improvement of that fantastic yet prototype-like instrument. Melodica-Me already showed us his new mouthpiece, and I have also some things that I modified or would like to modify without having the right clue how to do this.

1. Just like Melodica-Me I went to a brass manufacturer who built a new pipe for me. It looks a little different from Melodica-Me’s and it has a seperate end piece which allows you to change the angle in which you blow into the pipe. I personally don’t need a spit valve because it’s so easy to remove the pipe to clean it.

2. It is very important for me that the left hand doesn’t have to carry the instrument because I need that hand to cover and uncover the grille; so I took two guitar straps with security locks that I fixed to the back of the Vibrandoneon and that I use like shoulder straps.

3. I thought for a while that it would be great to have a second set of reeds identical to the deeper set of reeds instead of the octave above to back up the first set just in case anything happens during a concert. In the meantime I have been working on a film score where I needed the upper octave very much, so I actually didn’t replace this set of reeds. Still it could be a good option to have that kind of backup (cheaper than a second Vibrandoneon!).

4. I haven’t found a solution yet how to fix the back panel with quick releases which I think would be very important to maintain the instrument. Any suggestions anyone?

5. I did not dare to mess around with that incredibly beautiful grille, still I’d like to have a grill with a built-in shutter to be able to change the sound or create a WahWah.

So these are my realised or desired modifications of the Vibrandoneon. I will post some photos of my refinements as soon as possible.

Greetings, Quetscher

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