Reply To: New to melodicas – Left hander seeks advice

Philippa Collings

Thanks so much everyone for your replies and suggestions I shall try them all -apologies for not getting back sooner but have been staying in the wilds of Sligo for the feadh Cheoil (all Ireland read music festival) and had little access to the internet. While there I took the yamaha 32 into an accordion maker and he doesn’t think the ends can be swapped around successfully – so I will keep my eye out for some of the models suggested. In the meantime I’m playing it upside down with the hose coming out from the mouthpiece end which works fine for the time being. I don’t think I can manage to play over the top of the black keys is too much of a strain on the hand and feels clumsy, maybe ok if the left hand is just playing the accompaniment but difficult for tunes. Maybe eventually I could get one custom made? Thanks again I’ll let you all know how I get on, cheers, Philippa

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