Reply To: best project melodica?

Shannon M

Thanks for the comments. Daren, I saw that you used the Yamaha as the model for your 3d printed melodica. For simplicity’s sake I would like to start with a 32 key, similar in size to your printed one. Do you know if the Yamaha 32 “innards” are the same as the 37d, except for the extra length? I believe the new Hohner’s rely on the case for the air chamber. The Yamaha looks to be well suited to keyboard modifications, as it looks like the keys are easily attached. Are they just held in place by spring pressure? Looking at your printed melodica they appear to be. That would certainly simplify key fabrication.

Allen, I am not sure how available that Suzuki model is-I’ve never seen one other than what you have posted. I also think it would be more complicated than the Yamaha, but not having seen one in person, I am only speculating.

The reason I wanted one that could operate out of it’s case is that I want to fabricate a new, slightly wider case to encompass the wider janko keyboard. I don’t really like the idea of having the keys extend out that far past the case.

Thanks for your inputs.

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