Reply To: New to melodicas – Left hander seeks advice

Alan Brinton

Welcome, Phillippa. I’ll have to check through my files on this, but I believe the Hohner Basso Melodica came in a left handed version. The Basso is a relatively rare vintage Melodica that was introduced in the 1960s. Current Hammond and Suzuki bass Melodions are derived from the Hohner Basso.

Bass melodicas are challenging, and a Hohner Basso, if you could find a left handed one (“L” model, if memory serves), would probably need repair. I wonder if Suzuki might also have an L version?

Regarding Daren’s first idea: there’s a video of a Japanese woman playing two melodicas at once, one upside down with her left hand. It is some Japanese players, such as our own pianonymous, who do the most with the left hand.

I’m away from my main computer right now. Otherwise I’d provide some links.

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