Reply To: When is it not a good idea to buy a used Melodica

Adam Tombs

Interesting topic. I was filled with apprehension posting melodicas for sale on this forum for sale so I did my level best to inform buyers of exactly what the buyers were getting themselves into.
Oscar lists excellent points above. I think the most salient one for me is the question of value for money. it’s an easy trap for a beginner in the world of melodica to cheat themsleves by not being aware of what things are worth. Perhaps a ‘sticky’ thread or additional forum component that lists approximate value for each model could be a help? I know for myself, I don’t feel like paying more than $50 Australian including postage (which isn’t much) on average for a second hand ‘classic retro’ unit in good working order….

For playing, there is a lot to be said for buying new and spending more money on a new upper end melodica IMHO.

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