Reply To: Suzuki MA-32 Super II

Alan Brinton


I am increasingly impressed by the sound and quality of construction of the MA-32 “Super II,” especially since I tuned it this morning.

This Melodion was seriously out of tune when I received it, both absolutely and relatively. I decided that I would tune it down to A=440, though I was apprehensive about the the fact that each tuning check requires removal of the cartridge, then removal of the cartridge cover on which the reeds are mounted, followed by replacement of the cover and then of the cartridge. The process turned out to be facilitated, however, by the fact that the bolts securing the cartridge are large and easy to remove and replace, while the same is true for the two screws that secure the cartridge cover. It was also facilitated by the fact that these parts are well make and fit together well. For me, tuning typically requires 5-7 tuning checks to get within +/- 3 cents on all reeds. This tuning process went smoothly and took about two hours. It is represented by the following chart, though not in full detail, as insignificant changes in readings are collapsed. Although it looks as though I opened it only three times, in actuality it was five or six. “Red zone” in-tune readings are indicated in red, and those readings are rechecked during the subsequent opening. (I hasten to add, though, that no matter how carefully you tune a melodica, a new set of readings after you’re all done will produce one or more that are outside the red zone! Consequently, in the interest of one’s mental health, I think it’s a bad idea to continue to recheck after reaching a full set of +/- 3 readings.)

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