Reply To: Hohner International

Alan Brinton

This Melodica had been taken apart before, but there is none of the kind of discoloration of the reeds or reed plates that is evidence of a melodica’s actually having been used much.

The F-32 has a rocker type venting mechanism, though not the same kind as used on many Suzukis. This mechanism is just so-so in terms of effectiveness.

Here we can see how irregularly spaced the key pads are, which explains the unevenness of the keyboard itself. The second and third key in from the right are actually lightly fused together and will require minor surgery. The excess of plastic frizziness on the last couple of key pads is representative of the lack of fit and finish that chracterizes the whole instrument.

The F-32 is more of a historical curiosity than a melodica that you’d want to play. It came with an ill-fitting duck-bill mouthpiece and very flimsy nylon carrying bag.

Although country of origin is not indicated, my guess is Brazil, as Hohner International harmonicas up for auction commonly say “made in Brazil” and in Europe better melodica-making expertise would have been more readily available. This model is nothing like any produced in Asia.

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