Reply To: Cheap version of Yamaha P37D…?



Thanks for your thoughts. I hope I can try out a real Yamaha at some point. This video mentions the same “cheap Yamaha type” and they sound suspiciously similar, but the reviewer did not comment on any differences 🙂

And you’re right, as with many other instruments, melodica preference is a very personal thing. I was not a big fan of my Suzuki Pro 37 v2 because of its sound. It was easy to play though. The Hohner Airboard is far less “heavily” constructed than my vintage Hohner (same holds for the other ones by the way), but for me it’s the easiest one to play well, especially if you use chords a lot, and the sound is on par with the “Yamaha type”. Only problem is that playing the higher notes costs so much more effort than on my vintage Hohner, and the quality of the notes goes down when playing those higher notes. All in all, I was surprised, given the not-so-positive comments about Hohner melodicas here.

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