Reply To: Cheap version of Yamaha P37D…?

Adam Tombs

Hi there, without trying to be a know it all, I would say it is obviously not the ‘same’ melodica as the yamaha. It is not badged as a yamaha.

Comparing quality of sound between melodicas is pretty much a personal taste thing. Hohner was still getting it right when the Professional 36 was being made, however I would seriously doubt the quality of the airboard or other later offerings. Taste is subjective, I was a vintage hohner devotee for a long time but once I started playing around with Suzuki and Hammond top end offerings I quickly got with the modern program. As far as comparisons go, on the outside melodicas do not differ greatly, it’s what is happening on the inside that counts. Do I prefer Suzuki or Hammonds over others? Yes I do, but that is my preference, other’s views may differ.

I mean, I love the sound of the Melodyhorn melodicas, they are a budget item but in my opinion they have a very nice sound, again, that is just my opinion.

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