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Thanks to you both, gentlemen!

I’ve just now ordered the Suzuki M-37C through Amazon. Now I have 4-6 weeks of eager waiting!

I had liked the sound of the M-37C in the Deyama video I linked to in my initial post. And I also preferred it to the Yamaha P37D in the 13 Melodica Comparison video ( The clencher was hearing it in a very amateur recording ( and still thinking it had a great tone.

I think the model is high-end enough not to disappoint me, but not so expensive that I’ll kick myself if it turns out I don’t like playing it. If I enjoy it and get good at it, I can always buy up (Hammond) or down (32-keys) for tone, range, portability or “ampability.”

Thanks also, Alan, for the information about refinishing. It had occurred to me that, if I got either of 32-key models, I might want to “wrap” the blue cases with car wrap. A variety of colors, patterns and finishes are available.

Best wishes,


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