Reply To: Really Nice Blues/Roots Performance with a Meliodica

Alan Brinton

Welcome out of the shadows, Jeff. It is a Hohner Airboard, whose main distinction is the paint job. I think you have the right idea of where to start, with a Yamaha P-32D (or P-37D) or a Suzuki M-32C (or M-37C). Of the two, the Suzuki has the shriller sound. The Hohner has a relatively muted sound in comparison with those two Suzukis, but to my ears it’s dull in comparison with the Yamahas. I’ll bet lots of people who hear this performance are impressed with the melodica, but the guy playing it would make any melodica sound good. It’s like the guy who hears Thelonious Monk play for the first time and says “I gotta get me one of those pianos.”

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