Reply To: Chromaric Harp and Melodica Together

Alan Brinton

Here’s the Ofir discussion. It was Daren who suggested the possibility of leather. Any sound absorbent material anywhere inside the melodica should have some affect. How much of an affect and whether it will be an improvement is hard to predict. Styrofoam is another possibility. Some older Suzukis were designed so they could be played inside their open case, playing with a tube. I have experimented with this, and it mutes the sound. I suppose a wrap could be created that would enclose the melodica, like a glove, of course leaving the keyboard, mouthpiece hole, and spit hole open. A crafty person should be able to fashion something like this easily, maybe of leather or of a stretchy rubber. I need to talk with George Foreman about getting this patented.

Material test on Yamaha P37D

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