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Hi MM,

Yes, the Vox AC 10C1 is a new amp this year that fills the gap between Vox’s 4-watt amp and 15/30 watt amps. I liked the 15 and 30 watt versions too, but they have weights the 60 to 80 pound range or something like that. This amp seemed like the perfect compromise.

You can’t believe how loud this 10 watt amp is. Playing loud is the norm at Guitar Center, but the clerk had to come over and tell me to turn it down.

With the gain turned up–but the main volume turned down low–you would swear you were listening to Little Walter. (At least the tone, not necessarily the playing. :-)) Yet the volume was not loud. Crank up the main volume, and you had the same tone but with sufficient volume to play with an electric band.

I should have the amp in late this week. Musician’s Friend and Guitar Center just got the second batch in and they are in stock. No special order required.

I never knew much about guitar amps because I did not play guitar, but I guess there were two major players in the 60’s; Fender and Vox. The American rock and rollers used Fender, and the British invaders brought the Vox with them. Each brand of amps had a characteristic sound, with the Vox offering a simpler circuit, a less scalloped EQ response, and a smooth creamy distortion that came on a lot faster. This is what I have been told and what I have read. It certainly seemed right on to me when I was testing the amps out.

Will keep you posted.



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