Reply To: Roots Melodica Songs by me


I use the simplest way to record: Audacity.
In my opinion the wooden´s chasis melodicas are the best sounding ones. It sounds loud and the sound vibration is awesome due to the wood box. I can say this after having tried 3 different hohner piano 26 melodicas. Only one of them has a wooden chasis (the one with 5 screws on the back) and the other 2 that I own, are made out of plastic in the interior. On the front part of the wood chasis it has a date: 6 May 68 on blue letters. I think these wood chasis ones may have been produced on the earliest years of the HM26 and being posteriorly changed to plastic in order to reduce costs but this is only my opinion. The wood is in perfect condition and the sound is awesome too: very clear and responsive. I am just delighted with this melodica. The one that Augustus Pablo used was made out of plastic and in my opinion it sounds awesome too but there is a big difference that a good ear can detect. I am not musician but I have always loved music and I can tell there are evident differences on the weight, sound power and sound quality between the wood and the plastic one. I would not recommend to open it because some parts can be damaged but if anyone wants to open the 3 or 5 screws melodica, I would gently help you.

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