Reply To: Faux Yamaha?

Sky Pie

I don’t post very much because I usually don’t have much to contribute. So I read instead. I was in the market for a new higher quality melodica (I’m a cheapskate and so far have only two under $50 melodicas. An Excalibur which has proven to be a disappointment and a DeLuca which has been a pleasant surprise). Now I’ve seen these Woodnote melodicas a lot, but there’s nothing to really go on as far as how they sound, their quality or really anything. All I know is that they’re a twin for the Yamaha 37 note Pianicas. Well, I decided to take the plunge and have just purchased one and it is on the way. I don’t have a Yamaha to compare it to (If I had the Pianica I wouldn’t be buying the Woodnote), but I will be able to try it out and report back if it’s at least as good as the melodicas I currently own. I think that just for the hard case and right angle flexitube it’s already going to be worth the price. Which was under $37. I’ll report back as soon as I can.


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