Reply To: Tuning and Gapping Hammond Bass melodica


I would add that it is well known that you can bend almost any note by depressing a key ever so slightly with great care and precision. But the hand position, finger position, control, and precision needed to use this techniques during playing makes it impractical.

The technique I developed I believe will be useable as it does not require precise manipulation of a key. But I will need sometime to develop the technique.

Not related to the technique I discussed in my previous post, another little discovery I made about note bending is this: if you play 8th or 16th notes rapidly on a single note while trying to bend it, it will bend much easier.

So using this technique, you can extend the range of bendability upwards on the keyboard to include some higher notes. However, the downside is the machine gunning of notes has to fit into your melody. You can use this technique more often than you might think in many types of music.


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