Reply To: Suzuki A-34(School 34)

Alan Brinton

Thank you, Pianonymous. Your blog looks interesting! I will explore it more carefully.

Google translates for us, so I am able to read your review, though the translation is choppy. Maybe you have seen the thread that I started here on the A-34C?

Suzuki A-34C

The Super 34 was the first Suzuki KENBAN harmonica. I saw one for sale on a Japanese auction site but made the mistake of not bidding on it. I have been watching for another one since. The key range of the Super 34 is different, starting on F rather than on G. And the Super 34 has small keys.

I have seen your model A-34 for sale on eBay and Yahoo Japan auction and thought about bidding. But I have too many melodicas. I’m glad to see your review of it. If you have a chance to play an A-34C in comparison to your A-34, I would be interested to know what you think.

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