Reply To: vibrandoneon construction


The reason I hope to see detailed photos of the direction the airflow is going into the “wind chests” , is to get a better understanding of how the air should “touch” the tips of the reeds, and set the reeds to vibrate.

I have seen different melodica types and accordinas. Some are held horizontally, some are held vertically by the players. The reed plates or “reed blocks” sometimes are in horizontal position or vertical, and thus the reeds sometimes lay flat or stand up. It’s a difficult topic, but I try go find out the best direction of the airflow (breath economy, reed response, …)

Scientific articles about free reed acoustics are very scarce, and difficult to understand. Even top experts have done experiments, and some results surprised even the scientists (see eg articles on the patmissin website about acoustics in mouth harmonicas and bending in mouth harps…

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