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Yes, that was a unique opportunity, finding an authentic André Borel accordina for 35 euro. I was Lucky, the item was viewed by 7 users the hour it was put online, took a half day of at work to pick it up. It was the right decision.

The instrument warms up a little after 1 or 2 hours playing, and the sound gets even better after 2 hours playing.
I’m gonna keep that accordina with me for a while.

Just ordered a new Hohner Chrometta 8 mouth harp, just 8 holes for 2 octaves fully chromatic. But my harmonica level is a beginner’s.

I’m also looking for a second hand Borel Clavietta or alike, for the separate reed plates inside. You never now it turns up one day…

Still I’m thinking of designing a mini accordina or mini button melodica/symphonium, with 30 notes only (2,5 octaves). The 44 button accordina is 1 kg. I hope to downsize that to 600 grams, but I don’t know if that is possible. I think it is with cut up melodica reed plates into individual reed plates.
(A 26 button accordina has been made in France, for a total of 690 grams, it’s 22 cm long)

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