Reply To: Hohner bass melodica


Nick, after thinking of the basso Melodicas, I wanted to make sure I was giving you accurate information, so I decided to open up all three of my basso to review. I first opened up the Hohner which has a bad bladder now (see picture basso on the left) look at the bolt pattern, I then opened my Suzuki (center red) notice the bolt pattern, looks similar but not the same a bit difference but I am wondering if we can make this one fit with a little tug here and there. I finally opened up the Hammond (right side) see how the bolt pattern is not the same as the previous to model. This is a little surprising as the Hammond is made by Suzuki as well? The Hammond bladder may be a better choice as we may be able to cut out the bolt pattern to fit the basso. I did notice that the Hammond bladder is made of a much better material in thickness. I will look into this more in the near future and post my findings.

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