Reply To: Material test on Yamaha P37D

Alan Brinton

My morning newspaper will be arriving about now, and I’m expecting this to be reported on the front page. Well, unless the main stream media are not paying attention. Which I guess they are not. I’ll have to check Fox News. You are suggesting a most radical melodica design innovation, Lowboy. So the air released by the raising of each key pad will pass to its reed, which will sound inside the outer chamber in which the reeds are protected by the bottom of the main housing of the Bootay 27 (or whatever). The inner air chamber (or tunnel) can be perfectly and permanently sealed, except for the key pad openings. So less wind might be required? The space in which the reeds are situated will not have to be sealed and can be easily accessed for tuning. Am I envisioning this correctly? I wonder if it will be loud enough? Will the reed plate have to be upside down?

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