Reply To: the latest in midi melodicas


I have seen this Kimo guy before. On the one hand, you must give him credit for going where few have gone. On the other hand, all he is really doing is mounting or disguising midi controllers and breath controllers in the bodies of other instruments. Basically you get digital synth sounds as if you were sitting at a synth operating it and a breath controller.

Personally, I have owned many many digital synths, but now prefer the more organic and acoustic sound of the melodica along with my Moog Voyager (monophonic analog synth) and Hammond organ. The Hammond is a digital synth, but with a real twin-tube circuit, you would never know it.

From a showman, novelty, and fun perspective, Kimo may have something there. It is fun to watch for a while. It does involve carrying and programming a midi synth module.


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